Ccot essay 200 bce to 1450

Silk was not the only luxury good traded on the Silk Road. The civil service exam system provided upward mobility for males, though the expense of preparation was only afforded by the wealthy.

Changes and Continuities on the Silk Road

The Ming relied on mandarins, a class of powerful officials, to implement their policies on the local level. Women - Marriages were arranged within their social classes. Islamic Political Structure After Mohammad, disagreement over succession leads to split between Shia should be descendant of Mohammad and Sunni should be the wisest member of the strongest tribe.

In India, the tradition of weak centralized power coupled with the Hindu caste system contributed to the social stability after the fall of the Gupta empire. Established to make trade between regions easier, the Silk Road continued to fulfill its purpose for centuries, even through the later Opium Wars between England and China.

Missionaries were allowed to visit, but the Mongols converted to Islam. Emperor Justinian attempted to reconquer the western portion, but failed. They also reestablished the tribute system in which neighboring peoples had to pay tribute to keep peace.

The Song also used cotton sails and compasses to build a strong navy and the ability to ship more goods to the rest of the world. However, disease was not the only intangible item the Silk Road could spread. Religiously, the priestly class oversaw rituals which involved bloodletting and human sacrifice.

Linking culture, religion, politics and art over time from B. Wealthy merchants often converted to Islam, but did not give up their own religions or traditions.

Islam was spread much in the same way, through Silk Road merchants. Chinese inventions like gunpowder and paper first travelled to Europe along the Silk Road with many other products.

Mosques, hospitals, schools and orphanages were set up throughout the empire, which allowed for the spread of intellectual ideas such as algebra, Greek learning, and latitude and longitude. Their growth was due largely to the increase in trade along the Indian Ocean Basin.

Silk Road Ccot

Minted coins were used and were eventually replaced with paper money, while merchants used "flying cash" as credit for trade. The Aztec had a strong military tradition, and they were ruled by absolute rulers. Silk was always a common trade good as it was what the trade route was based on.

This dynasty began to decline due to higher taxes creating tension with the population. Aztec Empire Around - - The Mexica were the last great Mesoamerican culture prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Ideas were a hot commodity between BC and AD, and the Silk Road acted as a hub for the dissemination of ideas, which stretched across almost the entire known world.

They did not actively promote trade, but private merchants traded manufactured porcelain, silk and cotton. Genghis Khan is believed to have said, "Submit and live. Inthe Mongols destroyed present-day Beijing. Their economy was agricultural based, and they used cacao beans as currency.

Tang policies also influenced the spread of Buddhism, but saw a backlash toward the end of the dynasty because Buddhism was seen as a foreign religion. He controlled religious and political life and replaced Latin with Greek as the official language.

Central authority was tightened as well. Changing its pattern of relations, the Silk Road was affected by the Black Plague and new religious ideologies, but continued to trade luxurious goods and fulfill its original purpose.

Asian luxuries like jade, spices, incense, gunpowder, and silk, for which the route is named, were things that Europe desired and Asia was willing to give.

Women could inherit property in the absence of male heirs. Its central location on the Mediterranean Sea allowed trade to flourish, especially in the capital of Constantinople. The Silk Road connected Asia with Western Europe; every major city in between was affected by the Black Plague, which its travelers carried.

Also, due to the nature of the trade route many types of cultures came in contact with each other. The Mamluks served in the army and eventually weakened the Abbasid rule. The Silk Road was also able to retain continuity in its purpose. Tang Dynasty - C. Today, giant statues of Buddhist icons can be seen where the Silk Road once was.

The empires of Ghana and Mali profited from Trans-Sahara trade, and leaders adapted Islam from merchants. Despite the changes that disease, religion, and trade relations brought, the Silk Road retained its continuity in the goods that were traded and its main purpose.

This gave peasants land to farm in return for tax in grain, but it failed to weaken the power of large landowners. Transcript of AP World History: C.E.- C.E. BCEBCE Early Agricultural and Technilogical Developments C.E. Lasted years Granada massacre A Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada, assassinated the Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela and massacred many of the Jewish population of the city.

CCOT Analyze continuities and changes in patterns of interactions along the Silk Roads from B.C.E.

to C.E. CCOT Analyze the changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region from C.E. to C.E. The Continuity and Change Over Time (CCOT) Essay CE. CCOT • Analyze the continuities and changes in patterns of interactions along the Silk Roads from BCE to CE.

CCOT • Describe and explain continuities and changes in religious beliefs and practices in ONE of the following regions from to the present. Write a CCOT body paragraph defending the following change-over-time argument and using the key-terms below: Between andnew social and political elites rose to power, which also led to changes in gender, ethnic and racial hierarchies.

CCOT Essay Between BCE and CE, the Silk Road held onto its true purpose while undergoing numerous transformations over time. The trade between East Asia and Europe remained the focus of the route while the materials transferred across the land began to change.


Ccot essay 200 bce to 1450
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